Lots of you have asked me for my mailing address in Senegal. The truth is I don’t want mail. For lots of reasons:

1. Save your money. Sending stuff overseas is expensive. Your money in your pockets makes me happy.

2. I don’t want to pay customs tax to receive stuff.

3. I don’t even want stuff. I will not be living a normal existence. There will be no trash barrels or other places to discard waste items like plastic packaging, etc when I am at my site/village.

4. Packages “disappear.”

5. Gift giving to a minimalist is never a good idea. I know you have good intentions but my mom can send me toothpaste and deodorant. That’s all i need.

6. Hallmark cards are a waste of paper (not to mention they are dreadfully uncreative). If you want to say hello and catch up, an ecard or an email would be just dandy.

7.Please just help me fit into my village by not making me appear to have all kinds of connections to a world of resources and presents, etc.

8. Take a moment. Grab a snickers. Have a sit. You have to accept that I’m not a normal person (and never will be). You might love to get mail, try not to project that onto me!

Thanks for thinking of me though. Say hi

You may be able to help me out somehow- I will be sure to let you know. Promise.

Bear                                        .



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