What the Rain Can Do

“I know the rain like the clouds know the sky. I speak to birds and tell them where to fly. I sing the songs that you hear on the breeze. I write the names of the rocks and the trees…”

The Yawning Grave, LH


A dark night sky illuminated with a trillion bright stars is not usually a vision that inspires hopelessness. But as I lay there staring into the universe night after night, I feel a sense of despair. Our rains are about three weeks late and its making us anxious and restless. Last year, our first rain came on July 3. Now its July 23 and there is not but a drop in sight. I’m not sure how our field crops are supposed to come to fruition with less than two months of rain. And our livestock have been out of fodder for months. Folks are turning to hacking down tree branches at this point. More deforestation.


In a place that some years receives less than 200mm of rain, we are dependent on these rainstorms and whatever little water they provide us. They have the power to transform our whole world.


They push the dust out and cleanse the air.


They raise the grass and turn the world green.


They bring our cows home.


They put people to work and give everyone purpose.


They soften the earth and allow us to farm.


They flood our yard but cool the air down.

This is what the rain can do and we need it now. Farmers can’t plant and I can’t start any of my live fencing projects without it. For now, we sit by idle, all eyes watching the sky.

Learn Pulaar

Tobo = Rain

Assaman = Sky


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