Ogo Bound

Ogo is a large town of 8,000 folks just 7k south of Ouro Sogui. I ventured here in search of farmers using live fencing and stumbled across some gems. Banana propagation is rare in northern Senegal. Many folks want banana trees but don’t water and take proper care of them to yield decent fruit. Mamadou Ba has got a small plantation going and he seems to have a magic touch. His field was full of bananas, moringa, citrus, guayava, and even lemongrass. He is one of those folks who is tapped into that network of progressive farmers, thirsty for knowledge, technical know-how, and innovation.

He was having a go at layering- a plant propagation technique that stimulates root growth mid-branch which can then be cut off and transplanted to create a new tree. How many farmers do you run into in northern Senegal doing that?! Not many. I was incredibly impressed by his work and his open-mindedness.


Just last week, I came by Ogo with Djitte, my Agroforestry Program & Training Assistant, to do some site development. We would like to place another Agroforestry extension agent in Ogo to work with local farmers on this side of Matam as well as to serve the Master Farms in both Galoyabe and Kanel. I have some paperwork to complete in the upcoming weeks, but hopefully this December we’ll have another volunteer encouraging and training farmers to use live fencing, windbreaks, alleycropping, and moringa cultivation.

I would love for Mamadou to serve as the community counterpart and liaison for the volunteer or at least participate in the process of finding another motivated soul with agroforestry experience to help the volunteer. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little jealous of the volunteer that will get to work in Ogo.



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