Gertodde Ina Weli

Learn Pulaar

Gertodde = chickens

Ina weli = its good

During cold season, I thought it would be a good idea to keep myself busy and pick up some life skills. I decided I would try my hand at raising chickens…


Meet Cheikh. He is my neighbor and the first friend I made in Goudoude Diobe. He’s the bomb and we went in on this chicken project together. I bought the chicks and had a coup made in town. Cheikh comes over and takes care of the chickens when I’m traveling for work. It works out well.


These were the chicks when they were little! We bought five but one died.

Ina yurmini = its sad



Then they grow’d up.


And became trouble makers…

Saay saay = trouble maker

IMG_1921 IMG_1926

Now they’re big

The two goldens were hens and the other two were roosters. We’re hoping to get some eggs from them. Overall, its been an expensive project for me because I’ve been buying them a lot of food. I don’t want them to be digging through the remains of the burning trash pile outside my family’s compound like the other chickens do. I’m far too attached to these chickens, probably for my own good. But what can I say? Animal lover at heart.

When I go back to the states, Cheikh will inherit the chicken coup and he’ll be off raising his own chickens!



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